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Year 1 Material - Squire: The Training of the Knight

Squire overview: Learning the path of Knighthood to create revolutionary change in men's lives

The Squire DVD Album contains 24 studio quality Trails (lessons) as well as 1 workbook, and 1 Campfire (Small Group) Leader's Kit. Once you determine how many men will participate, you can purchase additional workbooks and small group materials, please browse the "Additional Materials" section below.

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Year 1 - Squire - 24 Lesson DVD Album

The DVD Package includes:
-12 studio quality DVDs with 2 lessons per DVD
-A 15 minute intro video for leaders for each lesson
-1 CD containing Leadership Resources
-1 Campfire Leadership Guide
-10 Campfire Brochures
-1 Squire Workbook. —-
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Year 1-Squire Workbook 4th Edition

Each guy attending your Knights program should receive their own copy of the workbook. It is a vital part of their development as a Knight of the 21st Century.

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Squire 24-Lesson Audio CD set

Squire audio CD set has all of the audio of the complete Squire video series. —-
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Campfire Leadership Guide

1 Campfire Leadership Guide with 10 Participant Campfire Brochures

The Campfire Leadership Guide and Participant Brochures are tools that help your guys get the most out of Knights of the 21st Century. After each lesson, we recommend breaking the guys up into small groups, which we call campfires, to talk about what they are learning. This guide and brochures will help them make the most out of that time. —-
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Replacement DVD for any Series

Replacement DVD for any Series

If you lose or damage a DVD in your set, we will be happy to burn a new copy for you.

At checkout, Use the note field to tell us which series and which disk number you need. —-
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